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Yongnian Hongda standard parts manufacturing Co., Ltd Located in Handan Yong, the hometown of fasteners in China Adjacent to Beijing Guangzhou line, Beijing Kowloon Expressway and Qinghong High speed intersection, convenient transportation. My company is One of the largest fastener manufacturers in China There are more than 30 sets of excellent equipment with annual output of high quality More than 20000 tons of products are sold to the Middle East, Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other 20 countries Home. The products are widely used in domestic and foreign railways, Bridge, construction, machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical, etc Industry construction and export to Europe, East South Asia and other countries

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Steel structure bolt

Galvanized outer hexagon bolt

High strength double head

High strength hexagon nuts

Nylon hexagon locknut

Stainless steel bolt

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CompanyYongnian Hongda standard parts manufacturing Co., Ltd


AddressHebei New Shop 1-8-2,Yongnian District,Handa City,Hebei Province


Business scopeOur factory specializes in the production of special chemicals: high-strength double-headed bolts, high-strength full-thread studs, GB30 external hexagon bolts, GB21 external hexagon bolts, high-strength external hexagon bolts, ordinary nuts, high-strength nuts, U-shaped wires, anchor bolts , In addition, British, American and other specifications of high-strength ordinary stock, to undertake custom-made various shaped parts

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